In the face of increasing global threats, INKAS® is pioneering new technologies and methodologies to offer the best-suited solutions for the job.

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and specializes in the skillful design and manufacturing of various armored cars, limos, cash-in-transit trucks and APCs. These vehicles are built completely in-house and are delivered all across the globe to clients in the private, public and commercial sectors. For over two decades, INKAS® has been focused on establishing itself as a leader within the industry in terms of production capacity and overall reputation.

At present, INKAS® manufactures and deploys 40-50 vehicles per month with turnaround times at the very top of the industry. Utilizing the latest processes and metal fabrication machinery enables the company to operate efficiently without any sacrifice to quality. INKAS® employs over 300 skilled personnel across its facilities and departments which all work hand-in-hand to achieve the common goal of creating a more safe and secure future. INKAS® actively invests its resources in a multitude of R&D initiatives in order to further advances its products and solutions in the face of every-changing global threats to security both to person and property.

All cash-in-transit vehicles manufactured by INKAS® are designed to fulfill specific purposes and fill voids left within the landscape by other commercially-available products. It is within these voids that INKAS® gains a competitive advantage by being able to create truly unique end-to-end solutions which adhere to even the most demanding of specifications as set forth by the client. With many successful deliveries under its belt, INKAS® has the necessary experience and expertise to deliver on its promises on spec and on time.