With over two decades of expertise, we can safely ship our cash-in-transit vehicles almost anywhere in the world.

As part of our end-to-end solutions, we are able to efficiently and diligently transport your cash-in-transit vehicle to many global destinations. Whether it is shipped by land, sea or air, your vehicle will be well taken care of and delivered to your destination of choice with great efficiency. Based on our past experiences, we are able to carefully guide the shipment in order to save time, money and prevent most unexpected complications that may arise when transporting an item of this weight, value and security implications. 

"Taking the guesswork out of shipping armored vehicles to some of the world's most volatile zones."

Throughout our history, we've shipped vehicles to various war-torn states and countries with non-standardized import requirements or conditions. We have the necessary knowhow to offer a full delivery service, including customs clearance and door-to-door delivery at the destination country when specified. We have shipped to all of the following countries and many others: Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Philippines, China, Vietnam, Nigeria, Angola, Ivory Coast, Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Russia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Japan, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Honduras, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon.