How long has INKAS® been manufacturing vehicles?

INKAS® has been manufacturing armored vehicles of all shapes and sizes since 1996. Currently we manufacture upwards of 50 vehicles per month, ranging from cash-in-transit vehicles to VIP limos, armored SUVs and APCs, all from our 200,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in Toronto, Canada. Refer to our corporate profile for more information.

What certifications does INKAS® have?

INKAS® has numerous certifications across many of its operating sectors. Specific to vehicle armoring, INKAS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and is also VPAM certified as well. Take a look at our certifications and testimonials page for more info.

What level of ballistic protection does INKAS® offer?

Since the entire manufacturing process is carried out in-house, INKAS® is able to offer custom-fitted solutions for all clients. In short, it is up to you how much, or how little, armor is placed on your vehicle. Most smaller cash-in-transit vehicles are armored to a CEN 1063 BR6 standard, however larger units are also commonly requested in BR6+ or BR7.

Does INKAS® always provide the base vehicle or chassis to be used for armoring?

In most cases, yes, however it's not a must. We tend to prefer to source the chassis using our dealer network. Due to our already-existing relationships, we can obtain a lower price and ensure that the vehicle is the correct specification based on what is required for the job. Please contact us first if you intend to provide your own vehicle for armoring.

Can the vehicles be shipped anywhere?

Apart from a select few high-risk zones, INKAS® is able to efficiently and securely transport armored vehicles to almost any destination via land, sea, or air. Making use of an established network of carriers and logistics providers, INKAS® can take care of the shipment from beginning to end with great speed and dependability.

Does INKAS® offer armored vehicle maintenance or spare parts?

Absolutely. INKAS® offers a full package of spare part and vehicle maintenance solutions for all manufactured vehicles. With a constantly-growing dealer and workshop network, most maintenance operations can be carried out on site and spare parts are delivered in under a few days. If your armored vehicle requires spare parts for service, please submit a form so that we may better assist you.

Can vehicles be customized to suit a specific need?

Absolutely. Since all manufacturing takes place completely in-house, the client is always in full control of what features and capabilities their cash-in-transit vehicle possesses. In the odd case where a specification cannot be met, INKAS® will always have a suitable solution.

Does INKAS® only manufacture left-hand-drive vehicles?

Absolutely not. Vehicles are specifically manufactured based on their destination and INKAS® is able to offer both left-hand-drive (LHD) and right-hand-drive (RHD) vehicles. One thing to note is that INKAS® does not engage in the conversion of LHD to RHD or vice versa. Vehicles must be purchased in the correct configuration.