What makes a good cash-in-transit vehicle?


Nowadays, cash management business offers a full cycle of security services including cash collection, secure transportation, coin processing and so on. The country’s economy and markets are directly dependable on worldwide distribution and management of the transported assets.

According to the recent market research, the most growth of the economy is substantially driven by increased customer spending on cash and constant expansion of ATMs. In order to secure transporting of cash and equivalents, corporations must be ensured of using high-quality armored trucks and reliable subcontractors.

History highlight

The deployment of cash-in-transit vehicles begun in 1920th in Chicago. After local gangs started to ruthlessly attack vehicle operators and robbing transported belongings, cars began to be strengthened with metal plates and wires.

With the implementation of bulletproof glass and innovative armoring techniques, the manufacturers around the world started to provide financial institutions with armored couriers and management services.  Most of the market players are offering a full cycle of operations including cash logistics, coin processing, ATM services, armed security, vault storage, delivering highly important packages and others.

Checklist for choosing cash-in-transit truck

Let take a closer look what characteristics you should focus on while choosing the cash-in-transit truck.

  1. Vehicle technical characteristics

The speed and performance characteristics of the armored vehicle should not be compromised by the weight of its armor and loaded items. At INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, our skilled team of engineers carefully reviews and evaluates the requirements of our customers, in order to design high-quality trucks. INKAS® reinforces the chassis of the vehicle, including the suspension to provide an increased payload. 2.     Loading and unloading processes

The installed lifted gate increases the operation efficiency by 30%. Take a look at the INKAS® recent addition – Armored Hino 338. (hyperlink)

  1. Armored protection

Statistically, most of the robberies take place during the transportation of values from one destination to another. The INKAS® comprehensive armoring package and implementation of special applications ensure that in case of assault the vehicle can withstand the attack and keep moving without being paralyzed.

  1. Access control

The integrated access control module prevents to access the truck by non-personnel. For extra precautions, INKAS® offers the vehicle without external door locks.

  1. Personnel comfort and safety

The cash-in-transit truck does not require VIP interior; however, the personnel should be safe and comfortable while being on the duty. The loading and unloading process should be facilitated with extra equipment to eliminate the risk of attack.